About us

Grolio deals with the production & trade of edible olives. Most of the production is carried out in the wider area of ​​the prefecture of Fokida with the most important centers to be Amfissa and Itea, where the olives are firstly collected and then sorted. From there, they are then transferred to the company's headquarters in Athens, where the procedures of standardization and placement on the market are performed.

The company's network includes the whole of mainland and island Greece as in addition to the company's privately owned trucks that serve mainly Attica, Grolio cooperates with many agencies that undertake the safe transport and delivery of goods anywhere in the country and abroad.

What makes Grolio distinct in Greek olives’ market is the very high quality of the final product, the value for money it offers as well as the consistency in the delivery times.  The continuous development efforts made by the company are confirmed daily by the increasing recognition and the great acceptance it has, not only in greek, but also in international markets.


Grolio's certification with the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000: 2018 is the greatest proof of the company's sensitivity and the policy it follows in relation to hygiene rules at all levels: production, standardization and promotion of the final product in the market.
Our documented system that is fully implemented in daily basis can ensure:
  • a clean sanitary environment
  • prevention and elimination of food safety hazards
  • food safety throughout our organization – from management and business planning aspects to day to day communication and operations.

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